Cough & Cold

Cough & Cold


  • Forms a protective layer with a demulcent, anti-inflammatory and soothing mechanical action.
  • Helps to provide a natural treatment for the throat.
  • Unique combination of liquorice and menthol, this syrup provides an instant cooling sensation and a fresh feeling in the throat.
  • Consists of natural ingredients and is sugar free.
  • For the symptomatic treatment of dry cough, tickly cough and sore throat especially during the night.
  • Dual action: helps suppress the cough, tends and soothes the irritated throat.
  • Sugar free syrup.
  • Packaging:   Syrup in 100 ml bottle.

Active Ingredients:

Icelandic Moss extract, Ribwort Plantain extract (Ribwort plantain).

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